Tuesday, 30 July 2019

The same old rubbish from Roland

Roland has been on Talksport again. Ex-director Bob Whitehand commented, 'so all the buyers now walking away because of potential losses in Championship? So four/five individual buyers spent up to two years negotiating without understanding that, what total bollocks.'

Roland made clear how peeved he is at Charlton's promotion when he said that League One had a decent financial basis. In the Championship owners like him were expected to lose a lot of money.

Roland says it is the Football League's fault that he can't sell the club. There's a lot wrong with the EFL, but it is not down to them that Roland has a super-sized ego combined with poor judgment. Read more about his rant here: Belgian bitter

Nothing new, I don't know why Talksport give him air time. At least try and subject him to some rigorous questioning.

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