Friday, 5 July 2019

Unscrambling the takeover knot

VOTV editor Rick Everitt deconstructs the contradictions in the latest stance of the club on the stalled takeover: De Turck muddies water

One might have a modicum of sympathy as the hapless sidekick undergoes a series of contortions trying to make sense of Roland's position. As the Rickster says in reference to Duchatelet there has been a 'lack of due care and attention on his own part, consistent with his slapdash approach to much else surrounding the club.' But then it is only worthy of 1.5 per cent of his time.

Coincidentally I just had an e-mail exchange with a Belgian who commented without any prompting, 'Glad that you are still communicating with Belgians, given the havoc that some of them created in Charlton.'

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