Friday 29 November 2013

American billionaire to take over Charlton?

The Daily Mail is reporting that an American billionaire is poised to take over Charlton with negotiations at an advanced stage after he and his associates came over for the Leeds game: Josh Harris

Josh Harris already owns sports franchises in terms of ice hockey team New Jersey Devils and a basketball team, the Philadelphia 76ers. He spent £500m on their acquisition so the Charlton asking price should be affordable.

I have no independent evidence of the veracity of this report. What I do understand is that the original stories in the South London Press were a plant from a relatively reliable source. They, of course, referred to a property company, but the intention may have been to put pressure on another bidder.


Anonymous said...

I hope it goes through with Mr Harris, in time to bolster the squad in January. I can't believe anyone is using the South London Press to flush out billionaires though. Are you sure about that, Wyn?

Anonymous said...

seems reasonably reliable. I have a friend of a friend who told me about Kevin Cash some time ago.

Anonymous said...

Whats happening? Rumours now of an American from Philadelphia.
Was SLP press release just a rumour to flush out the real buyer,dangerous games being played by current owners.
Will the Bank want their Mortgage paid off makes sense as only £4mn now, we have heard there has been no contact made with Ex Directors,and they will need to be contacted at some point, so what is the story,or is it all a dream.
Clock ticking with only about 3 weeks of the City being open for this kind of deal and if not done this side of Christmas,current owners are up against it,and having to spend more money to keep us in Championship ,so they can find a buyer in summer.
Lets hope the news is good soon,as with current owners we appear to be doomed.

Wyn Grant said...

On the SLP point, my source was one that I would regard as reliable. It's not that the SLP is required reading on the east coast of the States, but it all got on the web pretty quickly which I am sure was the intention.