Tuesday 19 November 2013

Sunderland renew interest in Poyet

Sunderland have renewed their interest in Diego Poyet and there is talk of a £500,000 bid in the January transfer window. However, Chris Powell is more sceptical about the strength of this interest. According to Richard Cawley of the SLP, Powell has said, 'I know Gus and if he wanted something he would give me a call.' In any case Sir Chris would like to keep the holding midfielder at The Valley as a first team prospect. The player is, however, getting frustrated at a lack of action and may be loaned out: Poyet

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Anonymous said...

Clearly a non-story, and like Powell insinuated, it's probably just the papers putting two and two together (especially given Poyet snr. has reportedly always maintained he would not wish to coach his son). The 'renewed interest' tells us nothing new (aside from reducing the apparant bid by a quarter...). Also I doubt Poyet is pulling up trees about a lack of first team action, he's part of the development squad and thus I'm sure he understands his own situation as a future prospect.