Wednesday 20 November 2013

Charlton takeover close

Charlton Athletic are close to takeover by a British property company, reports the South London Press. The sum involved will not be disclosed. Apparently they were attracted by the low level of debt associated with the club which was a surprise to me: Takeover


Stevie said...

They were most likely attracted by the part of Slater's prospectus that talked about moving away from The Valley.

It's no coincidence that it's a property company that interested. How many clubs are owned by property companies?

I know that Hull's majority shareholder is in property, but the KC is only around 10 years old and hardly likely to be scrapped for houses and flats to be built there.

I'm not sure that this deal is going to be the best for Charlton. It might work for Slater and co. but they have no loyalty to Charlton, they are looking for the best deal for them, not the club and the fans.

Anonymous said...

They have four ex directors to persuade yet that their Loans should move on to a new counterparty.

Anonymous said...

and i here slater is a twat

Anonymous said...

Talk of moving Stadium is interesting because to do that they have to pay off Loans to Banks and then ex Directors which are secured by mortgages over the Valley.That would mean paying of debt earlier than scheduled and another £12mn for new buyer to come up with.
Or get Banks and Ex Directors to move their Loans to new project,which is unlikely.
This deal is not as clear as it might seem.

Anonymous said...

looks a real worry