Saturday 19 September 2020

Is this a way round transfer embargo?

VOTV editor Rick Everitt tweets from his Ramsgate fastness: 'Speculation only but one potential way round the transfer embargo would be for Thomas Sandgaard to provide source and sufficiency of funds to ESI1. He’d have to make sure they couldn’t run off with his money and that ESI2 couldn’t get it, obviously.'

The Rickster continues, 'Since he’s applied for the OADT he’s not in the same place as Farnell, who hadn’t applied when made a director of ESI. Unlikely EFL could or would disqualify him as a relevant person. Sequence of events might matter.'

'Note that the money doesn’t have to be spent on Charlton, it just has to be available if needed.'

It's an interesting idea, but I am not sure it is a runner.

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