Thursday 17 September 2020

Sandgaard speaks out

Richard Cawley of the SLP reports:  'Just spoken to Thomas Sandgaard. He's made it clear still wants to buy Charlton - but also indicating not prepared to make deal with Lex Dominus.. Says it goes against his own "personal integrity".'

"I'm working with some of the smartest people to figure how how we make that happen without dealing with certain people."

Sandgaard saying he will be back in UK on Saturday for the Doncaster match."Right now I've probably got more stubborn than ever. I'm even more determined now."

Sandgaard: "What really matters to me now is we show the world that the fans want this deal done. That might actually have an impact - and obviously I'm hoping the EFL will take notice."

Richard Cawley comments: 'One of the key questions, to my mind, is whether the EFL would approve any takeover while this case is ongoing. [Probably not in my view]. If the answer is no, it would give us slightly more clarity on things.'

Thomas Sandgaard has tweeted: 'If you still want me, @SandgaardThomasas the owner please change your profile picture to the Charlton logo to show your support.' This strikes me as a bit naff and gimmicky, but some well-respected fans have already done it.

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