Friday, 18 April 2008

Addicks Face Super Hoops

For some reason I find Queen's Park Rangers and their fans irritating. They have always been well up themselves, based on the fact that they had a short spell in the Premiership after its formation. I always think of them as a third division (south) side. Of course, they have been more up themselves recently since they were taken over by one of the richest men in his world (or at least his son-in-law). Super Hoops could be heard on 606 debating in all seriousness whether QPR or Real Madrid would be the top team in Europe in three years' time. However, the new owners have not exactly been splashing the cash - yet.

And another thing. Rodney Marsh. In his capacity as a pundit, he would never treat the Addicks seriously or give them any credit.

Pards said in the E-mail Bulletin that the match could be in Timbuktu as far as he was concerned. Loftus Road is in rather nondescript, if somewhat dodgy, surroundings. The ground itself is based on the 'shoeboxes on their side' design principle and the security staff are some of the peskiest in London.

Anyway, that's enough of slagging off the Super Hoops. What about Charlton? Arithmetically, they still have a chance of getting sixth place in the play offs. However, that would require a final burst and it is difficult to see where it would come from. If we did get into the play offs, I could not muster the enthusiasm I had a decade ago. To relive those glorious days, go here: Wembley

Charlton will be without Jerome Thomas, who has pulled a hamstring in training, but given his sulky performances, I do not regard that as a great loss. Weaver will be back in goal and I think he has been a generally reliable custodian this season, probably about the best we can afford. To me, this looks like another of Charlton's famous 1-1 draws.

As Leamington continue to chase the possibility of automatic promotion from the BGB Midlands Division, it's Brakes versus Ducks at Harbury Lane tomorrow and we expect to be the only Charlton blog covering the match against Aylesbury United.


Anonymous said...

Reading your 'Wembley' link brought back many memories of happier times at The Valley Wyn.
I was struck by how many references you made to Sasa (clean sheet)Ilic. I got into many an argument with fellow Addicks on the subject of Ilic.
From the first half a dozen games he played for us, i didn't rate him. I thought his shot stopping was O/K but his positioning and judgement atrocious. Yes he built up the long list of 'clean sheets' but as i argued then and today. Keepers don't keep 'clean sheets' Teams do!
I remember one game at The Valley, i think it was Leicester, when twice he rushed to the edge of the penalty area to punch clear. On both occasions missing the ball completely, leading to two goals against!
Ah! but what about Wembley, the Ilic lovers would cry. He saved the penalty that got Charlton promoted. He did, and i thank him for that. Despite the fact that i could have saved M. Gray's penalty, it was that weak.
I was astonished at how long Curbishley stuck with him. But eventually even he lost faith, in 'Big Sash' and he signed Kiely. If you look at Ilic's career after Charlton, it went one way! Down, at some speed.

Blackheath Addicted said...

Daggs, how could you? Teams might keep clean sheets, but away at Birmingham in the last game of the Wembley season Sasa came as close as its possible for a keeper to be responsible.

He was inspirational in the closing stages of the Wembley season - and the image of him arms aloft after Newton scored against Ipswich at The Valley is truly iconic.

And he was fine in the Premiership until the kick in the head away at Chelsea. It all went sour after that, for a keeper who relied so much on confidence and instinct, but Sasa is a true Charlton legend.

ChicagoAddick said...

I'm all for giving Sasa legendary Addick status - BA is right about that arms in the air moment.

However it still remains a mystery to me that he kept all of those consecutive clean sheets because at times he played like he was still at St Leonards. But we loved him anyway and I'm glad that he still can be seen around the club.

Kings Hill Addick said...

Indeed, if there's one trait that I love about a keeper it's luck. There is no better keeper than a lucky keeper.

Anonymous said...

Tempis fugit
Seems much less time ago on that glorius Wembley Day.
I wonder if we can regain that atmosphere and positivity around the club.
Charlton the fans have become worse than Spurs so negative and unrealistic