Monday 15 June 2009

Charlton in play off spot

With next season's fixtures due, BBC Sport have reorganised their website and Charlton currently stand 5th in League 1 without a ball being kicked. Will this be our best position all season?

What it reminds me that I have to do when I can find time is create a new website to be called 'Addick's Third Division South Diary'. This site originally started in the pre-blogging days as a web page that gave 'diary', i.e., general summary/atmosphere reports on matches. This evolved into full match reports and for a time we were linked to the club web page.

These days match reports attract fewer hits than news items. Although relegation is an opportunity to change the formula, I am probably going to stick with the mixture of news, match reports and the occasional nostalgia item.

I kept Addick's Premiership Diary in being in the hope that it would be used again one day. Let's hope it isn't too long before this page is used again.


Anonymous said...

Please do keep your site running Wyn. Its my first port of call after matches to get an accurate reflection in down to earth terms that the media can't think in.

Pembury Addick

Anonymous said...

Yes - please keep the match reports and reviews. I need reassurance that I was actually at the match (everybody else seems to have been at a different game). I also welcome your usual well considered assessment of the East Stand Lino.

Matt Tees was my Hero

Sciurus Carolinensis Nemesis said...

Please keep on Wyn
Unlike MTwmH it's not often that my recollection of games closely matches yours perhaps it's because we watch from opposite stands?
I first arrived seeking match reviews and have sought yours ever since.
If only more Charlton players had recently applied such diligence and commitment...

Anonymous said...

Alas the dear old Beeb can't get that right either. Surely our friends down at St Mary's should be 24th but their points deduction isn't accounted for yet!

Please keep up the good work, Wyn.

Unknown said...

Been lurking at your site for years. Great for following Charlton from abroad. Keep up the good work!