Sunday, 21 June 2009

A good omen?

Some robins have hatched out in one of our nesting boxes. Those of us started supporting Charlton in the 1950s remember us then being known as the Robins, so perhaps it's a good omen.

OK, it's clutching at straws, but this has been a real no news week as far as the Addicks are concerned (unless you count the mothballing of the Bexleyheath retail outlet). In Amsterdam the week before last my Charlton bag attracted commiserations; in Paris at the end of last week nothing at all.

The South London Press tells us that Mark Kinsella's future is uncertain, but then everything is. There are conspiracy theorists who believe that the takeover was a stunt dreamed up to boost season ticket sales. Who would want to buy a third division club, they ask? Well, anyone who could get a first rate stadium, start of the art training facilities and a catchment area with great potential at a knockdown price. Perhaps the price isn't right.

One piece of news is that Leamington supremo Jason Cadden has been named as one of the top twenty non-league managers. He is ranked seventeenth, but most of the others are Conference or Blue Square North or South. The club also scooped a host of awards at the annual Southern League dinner in Torquay.

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Anonymous said...

Mcginty gone to Man Utd before the season has started and he has started his Academy 2 Years.Cancel my Valley Gold this just plain stupid