Tuesday 23 June 2009

You couldn't make it up

We received this press release over at www.footballeconomy.com:

'The Football Commentary Experience is broadening its horizons for the forthcoming 2009/10 football season and now offers an exciting, brand new matchday version of the popular football commentary experience.'

'New for 09/10 is the Matchday Experience, where budding wannabe commentators get to join our experts in the commentary box for an actual match. You’ll also get to sample a real matchday atmosphere, see the press box in its full glory and you’ll attend a post-match press conference as well as taking part in the live match commentary too!'

'The first matchday event of the new season is on Sunday 2nd August, a pre-season fixture between Crystal Palace and Nancy at Selhurst Park.'

'Real matchday experience?' Enjoy a press conference with Warnock?


Luv Robin said...

"...the press box in its full glory"? Eeeeeeeeeww.... But it could be worse.

Next season a day in the Senior Common Room at one of our most respected Universities...

Anonymous said...

Disapointed it is not Forest Green v CAFC

Anonymous said...

Board meeting held today.Not usual time of month.Might be re takeover or new investment or Chelsea bid for Shelvy and loaning him back for 2 years?