Friday, 19 February 2010

The 12th man

There's been an interesting debate on the Glynne Jones list this week about whether Charlton fans have been moaning too much. One view is that they have been remarkably tolerant in the circumstances, with the complaining being limited to professional moaners and a bit of booing at full time.

My view is that the atmosphere is (perhaps understandably) quite fragile and there is a tendency to pounce on the first misplaced pass or become edgy if we haven't scored after 20 minutes or, even more so, if the other team scores first, as is too often the case. Let's hope they've been working on how you defend from a corner at the training ground this week.

Parky is in no doubt about the importance of the crowd. 'We really need our supporters to get right behind whatever team I pick from the first minute to the last,' he said. 'A few of the lads have almost been trying too hard, so we need to relax everyone and settle down. The crowd can play a massive part. If they want to help get our season back on track, they need to be patient and really get behind us.'

He continued: 'Obviously, we'd like to score first, but if we don't, we've got to react in a calmer fashion than we did against Bristol Rovers.'

There has been some talk of a need for a reversion to 4-5-1 given that that seemed to work in the early part of the season. However, after a while, fans were calling for a Plan B and Parky responded.

It's true that Burton has not seemed happy with his strike partners and has been rather anonymous in recent matches. However, I wonder if his hernia problem is bothering him and if he is fit enough or in sufficient form to play up front on his own, even with Shelvey in the hole? On the other hand, Akpo Sodje has not impressed in recent outings.

Yeovil often look like a Spurs 'A' team, but we have our own answer in the former of Johnnie Jackson, at one time seen as a great hope at White Hart Lane. I wouldn't rely on any of my forecasts, but I am going for a disappointing day for moaners anda 2-1 win for Charlton.

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