Friday, 5 February 2010

Sodje foundation

Akpo Sodje will be staying at Charlton after the summer provided he plays a certain percentage of games for the club. Supremo Phil Parkinson said, 'We wanted to get another forward in the building. We haven't got any money to spend on transfer fees so it boiled down to free transfers or loans.'

'Akpo almost comes into both categories as we've agreed a contract with him going into next season if he plays a certain percentage of games for us this term. He's a Greenwich boy, he wants to play for the club, he understands what it's all about and they were key factors in us bringing him back to the club.'

4-4-2 profiled Sodje minor in their last issue and I was interested to learn that he and his brother have set up a Sodje foundation to help youngsters interested in foothall in their country of origin, Nigeria. This looks very worthwhile: Sodje They are holding a fund raising event in Sheffield in April: hopefully there can be later events in London.

The news about Youga is less encouraging. He has been told to rest for another two weeks and then an assessment will be made of what appears to be a complex and serious injury. We could do with him.


Anonymous said...

Also I noticed that Moutaouakil is now back with us having failed in our attempts to get him a loan move to Swansea in this window. Does this mean we are still going to get him out on loan outside of the window or that he'll stay for the rest of the season? We had to get rid was because his wages were too high as I recall but I do think he is a talented player.

Wyn Grant said...

It may be possible to get him out on loan at some point. At Motherwell my understanding is that they only paid £2k of his rumoured £8k a week wages. For whatever reason, they decided not to retain him (some complaints were heard about the quality of his crossing). He is a talented player, I agree,but there have also been hints dropped about attitude problems, although it is always difficult to say whether rumours of this kind have any substance.