Friday, 26 February 2010

Two demoralised teams

Two demoralised teams face each other at Roots Hall tonight. Southend's players have not been paid for January and the management has banned them from talking to the local newspaper. Charlton were dealt a blow by their home defeat to Brighton.

Football matches can turn on particular moments and we could easily have lost to Yeovil and beaten Brighton. If it hadn't been for Elliot's saves, particularly his first one with his feet, Yeovil could have gone ahead and it would have been a different story. If we had scored in the goalmouth scramble against Brighton we would have gone 1-0 ahead and they wouldn't have scored at the other end.

Football is a game of thin margins especially if you are an average or slightly above average team in your division. But it is still possible for Charlton to get enough points for a play off place and the extra revenue that will bring.

Burton will be out tonight and should really never have started against Brighton, but he insisted that he wanted to play. There have been a lot of calls for 4-5-1 with Shelvey in the hole, but who would one then choose as lone striker? Or can Sodje (A) and Mooney combine successfully? Should Semedo be brought back in so that Bailey can move forward more and hopefully score?

It's decisions like these that Phil Parkinson is paid to make. Meanwhile, I am going for a 2-2 draw at Roots Hall tonight.


Anonymous said...

the dilemma is neatly put here, the unplayed striker always has the benefit of a mystique and now that Akpo's mystique seems to truly have worn-off and Dickson has upped sticks only McKenzie has claim this chalice as his own.

Having said that I wouldn't be surprised if Parky gave him a go tonight, he has previously talked him up but his chances in the team thus far have been limited to cameos in dire straits.

I also think Semedo will earn a recall, with Solly starting at right back. I agree with the general tone of your summary and prediction but am cautiously a little more optimistic and sense the chance of a slim victory.

Up the reds.

Anonymous said...

When you look at our (non) goalscoring ability.
Then look at the perfomances of Burton (hardly prolific, though his hold up play is good) Mooney, (lighweight) A.Sodje (how do i put it? a tad less than cultured!)
It makes me wonder what McKenzie has to do to get a start.
I do think we need to revert to 4.5.1. With Jonjo in midfield with Bailey and Spring plus the two wingers and McKenzie as lone striker.