Monday, 22 February 2010

Injury hit Blaze win in overtime

Injury hit Coventry Blaze managed to beat Edinburgh Capitals at the Skydome in overtime last night after normal time had finished 5-5. The short benched side had to resort once again to deploying a nervous looking middle aged office manager on the ice, while another player was brought in from the reserves where he normally faces the likes of Whitley Bay. Of the office manager, the Bloke Beside Me commented, 'The one thing that can be said about him is that he is a big bloke and gets in the way of the opposition.'

Edinburgh had brought a good number of kilted hordes with them, the Saltaire displayed on their backs and a Bonnie Scotland banner with a lion rampant displayed. Blaze took an early lead, going 2-0 up after just one minute and one second. However, they were not always able to take advantage of their power plays.

Referee Dean Smith, who we seem to see every other week, gave some marginal decisions to the visitors and was booed off the rink at the end of the match. After the end of the second period, experienced coach Tommo, clearly enraged, took the unusual step of remonstrating with him. Admittedly, boarding penalties are a difficult call, but he used his discretion against the home side.

From 2-0 it became 2-2 but then Blaze pulled away to 4-2. But it came back to 5-4 and it looked as if Blaze had won. But then in the last minute of the third period, an unusual error by Blaze net minder Hirsch allowed Capitals to even the score. Fortunately, Blaze were able to score in overtime and maintain a three point lead at the top of the Elite League.

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