Tuesday, 9 February 2010

Some good news about Charlton

A survey in The Times reveals that British people are very gloomy about the state of their country and a discussion on the list run by Glynne Jones suggests that Charlton fans have always been pretty miserable about the team. In an effort to cheer people up, here is a positive story about 'League one minnows Charlton' and the work they have been doing in South Africa through the Community Trust:

But then good news doesn't usually sell newspapers.


Phil said...

Wyn, good news indeed. Despite the recent failings on the pitch off it we remain committed to projects like this. They are both local and international. These are among the many reasons to remain proud of Charlton.
That this story is just above another John Terry headline makes it all the more poignant.

Anonymous said...

If John Terry just gave one weeks salary to a project like this he could redeem himself some way in peoples eyes.But pigs might fly