Saturday, 27 March 2010

Away point against play off challengers

Nicky Bailey has picked up an ankle injury, so Christian Dailly takes the captain's armband, a role which some think he has deserved for some time writes Paul May from Huddersfield. Sam Sodje partners him in the centre of defence and Randolph is preferred in goal to Warner, contrary to expectations.

Wagstaff gets a start in midfield and is partnered by Semedo, Racon and Reid. Mooney and Forster are up front in the 4-4-2 formation.

Mooney got in behind the rather flat footed defence, but Huddersfield were able to clear and counter attack but it ended in a Charlton throw in. Neither team dominated in the opening phase.

Charlton won the first corner. Borrowdale's effort went beyond everyone for a goal kick.

Sodje headed clear after Robinson advanced. Racon put in a good challenge as Huddersfield attacked again. Richardson had to deal with a potentially threatening Terriers attack just after the quarter hour. They then reverted again to the long, high ball which the Charlton defence was well able to deal with.

Sodje dealt well with a threatening attack and then Mooney was fouled in a poor challenge on the halfway line. Reid conceded a free kick in a promising position for the home side. It was deflected for the first Huddersfield corner which ended in a goal kick for Charlton.

Collins tried a shot but Sodje blocked it. Racon was left crumpled in a heap by a dreadful challenge, but only a yellow was awarded. Peltier should have received a red for such a late and over the top challenge.

Wagstaff advanced well, but Forster's header went out of play. Mooney and Forster were not really linking up well. Robinson challenged Randolph, but the keeper cleared with a punch.

Charlton won a corner kick after pressure from Mooney and Forster. It led to a second, but the Terriers dealt with it. Dailly hauled down Robinson and received a yellow card. The free kick was whipped in and the ball hit the crossbar. A free kick from Drinkwater was dealt with by Sodje.

Two minutes were added on. A last minute Huddersfield attack led to a corner. It had not been an impressive performance by either team while word came through that Millwall were 3-0 ahead at the Toolbox.

Half time: Terriers 0, Addicks 0

Charlton won a corner, Smithies punched the ball out and then clattered into Dailly and collapsed on the pitch, but recovered quickly enough. Charlton won another corner which led to a throw in for the Addicks.

A well delivered cross allowed Rhodes to score on 53 minutes with a header with Randolph left with no chance. Borrowdale was caught out of position in the build up.

Randolph did well with a clearance. A handball by Peltier was ignored, Huddersfield surged forward and tried to claim a penalty. From the corner of the penalty area Reid put in an unstoppable volley to make it 1-1.

Forster was hauled down by the Australian Heffernan as he broke away. A free kick was awarded, but no yellow card. The free kick was unproductive. Robinson advanced into the penalty area, but Huddersfield were not able to take the opportunity.

Randolph had words with Semedo about the wall after a Terriers free kick which was unproductive. Semedo got a warning from the referee Mr Singh for a high boot.

Huddersfield advanced down the right, but Pilkington put in a dreadful cross. Mooney looked for Forster, but Trotman was able to intervene. Robinson advanced, but Charlton were able to clear their lines.

Huddersfield advanced down the right again, but Randolph was able to gather comfortably. Rhodes put in a shot, but Dailly put in a good block at the cost of conceding a corner. Forster did some defending.

Sodje went down and looked as if he was in some discomfort. He appeared to be having some attention to his nose.

A cross came into the far post but it was headed away brilliantly by Sodje. The tiring Borrowdale, who seemed to lack full match fitness, was taken off and replaced by Chris Solly.

A highly dubious corner kick was awarded to Huddersfield after the ball went out off one of their players, but the referee rectified matters by giving Charlton a free kick for a non-existent foul.

Akpo Sodje came on for Nicky Forster. It might have been better to take the lightweight Mooney off. Sam Sodje dealt well with a good ball from a free kick at the expense of the corner. Huddersfield attacked again, but Charlton cleared their lines. Reid should have turned provider for Wagstaff who had made a good run.

The lino gave a free kick against Solly as word came through that Norwich were ahead against Leeds. Randolph made a good save. Reid won a corner after a throw in near the corner flag. Richardson's effort led to a goal kick.

Three minutes were added on. We heard that Wycombe had equalised at Colchester. Wagstaff put in a poor delivery and it ended in a goal kick. Reid's run led to an effort that was deflected wide. There was a suspicion of handball by Huddersfield.
The corner kick was gathered by Smithies.

We would have taken an away point against play off challengers Huddersfield before the game.

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