Friday, 19 March 2010

Not wishing I was there

Luxembourg: Leading Luxembourg daily Wort gave me a nice splash and a flattering photo this morning, but I could not arouse.. their interest in the so-called Kent derby between Charlton and Gillingham. Apparently the away end is almost sold out as Gills fans look for their first away win of the season.

Parky has talked of big changes in the squad after players let him down at Millwall. Some fans have been calling for a reversion to 4-5-1 on the grounds that it worked at the beginning of the season. It 'worked' in the sense that we won some matches, but not usually by dominating them. Football is a game of thin margins and a good run can result from luck as much as judgement. Anyway, Deon Burton was probably fitter earlier in the season whereas now he appears to be carrying an injury.

Shelvey has now 'enjoyed' an abnormally long 'rest' and there might be a case for getting him in the shop window if we need to get a good price for him in the summer. However, it is too soon for such experiments and I never found his 'wandering' role that convincing.

I can't say I am that bothered about missing the match tomorrow. It's not the indifferent performances that bothers me but the excessive gloom among Charlton fans, although I hear that Leeds fans are also fed up with their team and they are second.

I am going for a 2-1 win for the Addicks.


Bob Miller said...

We can only hope that your prediction carries water Wyn. There has been very little evidence to date that this side has what it takes to escalate itself out of this sorry division.

Wyn Grant said...

In that case why are they 3rd? They have their defects but so do all sides in the division apart from perhaps Norwich.

WattO said...

Third is a great position to be in at this stage of the season. We have been extremely unlucky or unwise in the purchase of strikers this season and last. On paper our buys have been sound, but when the players gets to The Valley they seem to under-perform or get injured or both. A play-off position looks like a realistic possibility, and the it comes down to who's good enough on the day. Come on you Reds!

Anonymous said...

i agree Wyn, today was a far better performance than last week but yet the boo boys were in form again at half time and full time. Don't know why they bother to go to games. I had a 'discussion' with one vocal youth in front and he was ranting and raving so i said why do you bother coming,is it just to boo? It didn't do us any good in the late days of the Premier League nor the Championship.