Sunday, 21 March 2010

How bad was it?

Luxembourg: Apparently there was some kind of anti-Parkinson demo before the match yesterday and the manager was booed by a section of the North Stand before the match, at half time and at the end of the match. This is directed at a team who are 3rd and, as Parky has pointed out, this has been achieved on a much smaller wage bill than many teams around them.

So how bad was the performance in the 2-2 draw against the Gills? Charlton edged the possession on 51 per cent and had nine shots on target to three for the Gills. We had seven to two off target and led the corner tally by 10 to 4. That sounds to me like a team short on luck.

Admittedly, once again, our defence might have some questions to answer. Richardson gave Charlton the lead with a shot from distance. Their equaliser could have been better defended and then Elliot was at fault for the second in stoppage time. He had to be taken off injured at the break and one wonders if he should have started given that he has had groin problems for some time.

Burton also had to be taken off injured after 43 minutes not long after he hit the crossbar.

One has to be aware that there are limitations to the quality of this team, but a play off place is still more than possible.


Trevor said...

I thought our game was unexciting and we lacked spirit. However we are 3rd,the manager has no money, and if he did go who could we attract to take over?

To change a manager at this stage in the season would be madness. but the optimism appeared to evaporate from the North Stand.

Anonymous said...

Why no Shelvey?Only player at the club likely to change a game Is it to do with money ?39 appearances is he due some more for 40?

Phil said...

Wyn, may be we were a bit unlucky yesterday not only with chances but injuries too. However, we have enough good players to win against teams such as Gillingham especially if we play the right ones and in the right positions. 25 minutes to go and clearly Bailey ( again out of position ) should have come off and Reid on to give oursleves some hope.
In the end Reid had little time and Racon went off, poor decision.
As I said in my blog, I know Parky's got no money and appreciate what he's done but I'm not impressed when he chooses to criticise a largely supportive fan base.

steveb said...

I can understand Parkinson's frustration & comments. Tighter financial constraints than all our challengers meant that the 2nd half of the season was always going to be tough. A play off place was the best we could really hope to achieve & we are still hanging on to 3rd place. Everyone has an opinion & these days there is plenty of opportunity to express them, but don't boo the manager or the team as it is counter productive.