Monday, 11 October 2010

Lino in middle of mass brawl

Some of the decisions taken by linos in football at the third level are odd to say the least, but they don't get involved in the sorts of incidents that happen in ice hockey. Last night's game between Coventry Blaze and Newcastle Vipers erupted in a msss brawl in the second period.

One of the linos was in the middle of the melée. Two Coventry players were sent off, but one of them wanted to have some afters with the Vipers bench and then manhandled the lino. However, his match ban may be rescinded as the referee did not see a Viper storm off the bench to attack the Coventry player.

It is also alleged that one of the linos and the referee had a major falling out in the dressing room with the lino having to leave to calm down.

BTW, Blaze 3 Vipers 0.

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Luv Robin said...

For several years now the OHL has appointed two referees and two linos, ie four on-ice officials. This is because of the extraordinarily high speed of play and the fact that it is also a development league for officials. There are rumours that they are reconsidering this policy because of the frequency of disputes between the two referees.