Monday, 4 October 2010

Were Bees tipped off?

I wouldn't give much credence to anything in the Sub-Standard but they are claiming that ex-Addicks Myles Weston was tipped off about Charlton's game plan before Saturday's match: Bees

If 'stopping Myles Weston' was our game plan, it didn't amount to much, didn't work and perhaps explains the poor performance in the first half.


Anonymous said...

Seeing that I've read from a Brentford fan, that every other team had doubled defenders on Weston apart from Charlton, who had just Francis to deal with in the first half, I am not sure what game play Weston was talking about.

Sounds like he is displaying a bit of ego. I suppose you can't blame him for that considering Charlton released him. vff

Marco. said...

I thought the plan was to wave Weston through & then hope our more central defensive players would mop up the mess.
I can't think of any other reason we left it to Francis to try and stop him.