Wednesday, 6 October 2010

Charlton win in the paint pot

Phil Parkinson put out a strong side against MK Dons in the paint drying trophy last night and was rewarded with a 2-1 victory. The major change was the return of Christian Dailly in place of Jon Fortune, but Fortune came on in place of Doherty after the break. Benson was on the bench with Martin starting up front with Abbott.

The franchisees took the lead after just two minutes, Luke Chadwick making use of a cross from Lewis Guy. At half time some moaners stopped listening to the game, declaring it an 'embarrassment'.

Charlton equalised after the break when Luke Howell lost his footing and allowed Kyel Reid to cross for Pawel Abbott who headed home. Those who were there agreed that Abbott had quite a good game but Racon was less impressive although he showed some nice touches.

Reid turned provider again when he found leading scorer Scott Wagstaff unmarked at the post and he knocked it in to give Charlton the victory. This is the fourth game in the row when Reid has created a goal scoring opportunity and emphasises that he should start when fit. He is the most creative midfield player we have now that Bailey and Sam have left, albeit the first of these players was petulant and the second inconsistent (before we get too nostalgic about them).

Phil Parkinson's critics have said that the result does not change their view of him which is fair enough as my assessment would not be affected one way or another by what happens in this competition. They would be more impressed by a win at Plymouth which is far more important.

However, the victory has taken a little of the momentum out of the 'Parkinson must go' campaign which is not going to succeed during the season.

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WattO said...

I thought we played well overall, having let in a slack early goal, we got stronger and didn't panic. Made a nice change to see us win a game on the idiot box. Maybe Parky should sit in the stand every week.

Fingers crossed beat Plymouth how so far lost 3/5 home games!