Monday, 11 February 2013

Curbs linked with Rome vacancy

Alan Curbishley has been linked with the managerial vacancy in Rome following the resignation of Pope Benedict. The outgoing Pope had an unfulfilled ambition to establish a Vatican City football team which would play in the Italian leagues. At the moment there is only an inter-seminary cup notorious for its rough play.

Asked about whether he might throw his hat into the ring, Curbs said, 'Is it north of the M25'?

However, the hot favourite at the moment is Harry Redknapp. It is thought that his experience at QPR would help him to deal with a disllusioned flock. Winding down his car window, he said, 'I know nuffink about it. You'd better ask the chairman.'

Literacy in more than one language has been a normal qualification, but this would not stand in the way of the right applicant. The position is thought to be free of any obligation to pay taxes.


Dave said...

I would have thought a wheeler-dealer par excellence would be supremely qualified for a senior role at the Vatican.

Sciurus Carolinensis Nemesis said...

Curbs certainly displayed relentlessly dogged conservatism. That's very much been the way of things with the current bishop of rome

LuvRobin said...

Harry can speak English as well.

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