Sunday, 17 February 2013

Pritchard praises Jacko

Johnnie Jackson was Charlton's star player for The Football League Paper at Hull yesterday, getting a score of 8 for leading by example with his surging runs from midfield. The same paper once again features Bradley Pritchard, as they did a few weeks ago, and he names the skipper as the best player he has ever played with 'because he's a real team player.'

Pritchard reveals that he no longer borrows his sister's Peugeot 206, but has splashed out on a two door Volkswagen Golf. He proposed to Helen two months ago and the wedding is in May 2014.

He says that he never supported any club as a boy, just particular players, such as Peter Ndlovu at Coventry. He describes himself as 'relaxed, persistent and energetic.' He admits that he is probably the worst dressed player at the club, but nominates Leon Cort as number two for his addiction to sheepskin.

He admits that his one goal for Charlton was a scrappy one. 'Johnnie Jackson squared it and in all the mud and panic I managed to swing my left foot at it. It took an age to go in, but it was a special moment for me.'

He gets full marks from me for naming Mark Lawrenson as the tv pundit who makes him cringe. He says of Lawro, 'He just says something for the sake of saying it.' The main newspaper he reads is The Times, although he also looks at the Sun.

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