Thursday, 28 February 2013

How to win at home

This relatively new Charlton blog is written by an aspiring journalist and Charlton supporter and here he sets out his ideas on how to win at home: Ideas

I agree with him that we should try and start more forcefully and score an early goal, but I am not sure that Kerkar is a silver bullet. He was dropped from the side after some indifferent performances and stats about assists don't tell the whole story. As for bringing on the youngsters, that always goes down well with the Valley faithful, but it is perhaps something we can experiment with when we can be sure that we have escaped relegation.

What we really need is a midfield playmaker. Playing a track before the match in which a female voice regularly inserted the words 'Dale Stephens!', as happened last Saturday, won't do the trick. Indeed, to his credit, Stephens himself look rather embarrassed.

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