Saturday, 16 February 2013

Defeat on the Humber

Pritchard replaced Wagstaff at the KC Stadium, reports Paul May. The Addicks were functional and organised in the early exchanges and started to get into the game more. Egyptian striker Gedo was given a yellow card for clattering into Solly. Hull counter attacked from the free kick, Stephens sliced it away and Evina guided it out for a throw in rather than a corner.

It was a solid, dependable start with neither side having a real opportunity in the first quarter of an hour. The Addickted were in good voice after the disruption on the rail journey. Brady climbed all over Wilson. The keeper punched away the Jackson free kick.

Jackson and Fuller combined well and a cross from Jackson almost fell into the path of Pritchard, but Hull were able to clear their lines. The home support in the crowd of 16,849 was relatively quiet.

Charlton forced a corner which was well taken by Jackson. Charlton kept up the pressure after the keeper punched the ball away. Eventually the home side were able to clear.

As the half hour mark was reached, Charlton were dictating the pattern and pace of the play. It was a disciplined performance by the Addicks.

Hull won their first corner of the afternoon almost from nothing and the ball was bundled over the goal line by Gedo from three yards out to score his first home goal. Hamer was at least partially to blame. The home supporters woke up.

Fuller was fouled on the edge of the box, but the referee who was far behind the play gave nothing. Fuller was given a yellow card for dissent by the card happy official who has already sent eight players off this season, admittedly mainly in the lower division where he normally lurks.

Hull won their second corner. The ball was clattered away by Jackson and the move ended in an offside decision.

Simpson had a free header, but Cort defended well at the expense of a corner which was unproductive.

Half time: Tigers 1, Addicks 0

Hull won a corner in the first minute, the delivery was good, but McShane made a mess of it. Evina won a free kick for Charlton to the indignation of the home fans. Referee Mattheson decided to have a word with Steve Bruce.

Hull looked as if they were trying to increase their lead. Jackson tackled Quinn who went down theatrically for the free kick. Brady put the ball over the bar.

Charlton’s confidence going forward seemed to be ebbing away a bit. Hull were making inroads down the right. McShane went down after making a challenge. Ahmed Fathi came on to make his Hull City debut in his place.

Charlton won a corner kick, but Fuller’s header was ineffective. Hull had a chance, but Hamer gathered it at the second attempt. An effort from Pritchard who was released by Solly went not far wide.

Fuller, who had found it difficult to get pass the three big Hull centre halves, was replaced by Haynes. Jay Simpson was replaced by Koren for the home side.

An effort by Haynes went straight at the keeper. The referee, who was once again well behind play, gave a bizarre corner decision in the favour of Hull. Hamer punched the ball out and Charlton were able to clear its lines.

Wilson was taken off and Wright-Phillips came on. Charlton won a corner, but it was ultimately unproductive. Stephens fed Wright-Phillips but Stockdale in the Hull goal turned it away for a corner which led to a goal kick.

Evina was withdrawn in favour of Dervitte after Wright-Phillips won a free kick. Stockdale punched the ball out. Four minutes were added on. Gedo was withdrawn in favour of Cairney.

Charlton were cautious in the first half, but conceded the goal. As the second half wore on, they attacked more, but to no avail.


Anonymous said...

Good luck on the coach back to Doncaster. I suppose it's the moving slag heap at Hatfield Colliery mucking you about. This is the first time City have beaten you in Hull for 43 years apparently. Your day will come again. I've always had respect for Charlton.

Anonymous said...

Our day needs to come pretty damn quickly. Things are not looking too rosy.

Anonymous said...

Often all it needs is someone "local" or a fan with some money to turn things around. At least you're a "proper" club, not a brand that gets kicked around as a plaything of international financiers. Most clubs have their quiet times. City nearly dropped out of the league when we were owned by David Lloyd. Owners from out of town have been nothing but trouble for City so we're lucky to have a local owner now. You're a credible club. Always have been. You get promoted to the Premier League now and then and get relegated like any "normal" club. Being a normal fan supporting a normal club still carries a fair bit of kudos.

Next time, do an overnight in Hull. It's cheap and better than hurrying your day.

Jack said...

Wyn, strange that SCP went to 442 for an away game why did he do it?, we have been doing ok with 451 away so was strange to see this at Hull. Thought we looked unbalanced in the first half, Jackson was tucked in fairly tight didn't provide much cover for Evina, who started very nervously (but got better). Wilson not as effective as he has been. Stephens was a bit wastefull at times but didn't really have much on in front of him.Much prefer to see Jackson in the centre. Not sure re Fuller and Yann up front, no pace and too many long balls lobbed hopefully towards them.

SCP still trying to find that magic formula. Not sure Wagstaff deserved to be dropped. Our problem hasn't been with 451, just how to hold on or extend a lead in the later stages of a game. Long way to go to see a game we didn't look like winning. The introduction of Haynes did mean we did deserve a draw as the change in dynamics did open them up..