Monday, 9 June 2014

Charlton linked with Sam Saunders

According to Sky, Charlton are in talks with Brentford wide midfield player Sam Saunders. Career details for the former London Underground electrician are here: Saunders

Born in Erith, the 30-year old underwent exploratory knee surgery last season. Apparently, he knows a number of Charlton players. He wasn't a regular for Brentford last season, so it is difficult to get excited.

Congratulations to Charlton secretary Chris Parkes on being awarded a commemorative plaque by the Football League for twenty-five years service. Charlton through and through.

Reza scored for Iran in a World Cup warm up match against Trinidad & Tobago. His goal came from ten yards out in the second half.


Anonymous said...

Good to see Reza score, but hope Sam Saunders doesn't come here!

Hes spent more time on the bench in the last few years than being in the first eleven and thats a division lower. Plus he was injured last season,knee, and didn't/couldn't play anymore games.

So do we really want a 30year old whos coming to the end of his carrear, been playing in a lower division but not regularly and was also injured and may still not be fit!

Wyn Grant said...

The short answer is no. Looks a similar standard to Danny Green. Hopefully it is just a rumour. Dean Cox at Leyton Orient has been suggested by some Addicks as a possible right winger given our budget constraints.

Anonymous said...

It is worrying to see us being linked with third division players, especially third division squad players approaching the end of their career.

Surely RD's public commitment to concentrate on youth conflicts with such speculation?

If a deal does go through for Saunders, it will indicate that the club's recruitment policy is not attracting the players the club & fans want/need and therefore is failing.

Anonymous said...

Bees fan here. Bit surprised by this too, but he was only not a regular starter cos of injury. Sam is a model pro, who can change a game,and with his crosses and free kicks, you should think of him as lower division Beckham. Good enough for the Championship? we dont know but he is a proper footballer who may prosper. I'd rather he stayed with us, but if you are prepared to offer a 2 year contract I suspect he's yours

Anonymous said...

Hi there. I can certainly see why you might think a player like Saunders isn't the type of player Charlton should be looking to buy at this moment in time. However, as a Brentford fan I can assure you that he is better than the raw stats may suggest. Uwe didn't rate him enough for the first team, but he was a breath of fresh air when he did break into the first team after the change in manager. He makes things happen and has a deadly free kick. All supporters have different views of players, but I would be sorry to see him go - he is good enough for the Championship in my opinion.

Anonymous said...

Yes, I concur with the previous two Bees' posters. If he is used correctly (ie allowed to drift off the right-wing) he can be a real game-changer. He is one of the best strikers of the ball in the lower leagues and I have no doubt he could do a job in the Championship. Most Bees fans greatly value his contribution over the last few seasons and don't want him to leave

Anonymous said...

as henry irving stated recently on charlton life why does sue have to leak info to facebook

Anonymous said...

Another Bees fan here. Sammy Saunders won League 1 player of the month in December and was playing best football of his career in middle of our 4 month unbeaten spell before getting knee injury in early Jan. Prefer it if we kept him though unfortunately for him he might be a squad player for us this season in view of other signings.