Thursday, 19 June 2014

Has Riga quit at Blackpool?

Rumours are circulating that José Riga has quit at Blackpool after a big row with charm merchant chairman Karl Oyston over a lack of transfer funds. Certainly Oyston had declared his intention to involve himself more closely in the playing side and Riga may felt that he had his fill of that at Charlton: Oyston takes control.

It's perhaps worth noting that other clubs have their problems as well.


Anonymous said...

Interesting conclusion in that the article mentioned nothing of the sort, in fact quite the opposite to what you assert?

Chairman promises to back manager with funds for player purchases shock!

Good blog on the whole though! Read daily.

Anonymous said...

oyston will never spend money on players

Anonymous said...

This is true. I play for the youth squad so I know te fall out happened.. not walked yet but he could do

Anonymous said...

Youth Squad. It's the close season so you wouldn't even be at the ground.. Are you claiming to Abe one of the 6 players still on the books?