Tuesday 10 June 2014

Failure of O'Grady deal confirmed

It has been confirmed that Chris O'Grady will not be joining Charlton from Barnsley after failing to agree personal terms: O'Grady

The report makes reference to the possibility of an improved offer, but I think that is very unlikely.


Ken Jennings said...

Plenty of fish in the sea. But will RD push the boat out?

Kentish Man said...

First Messi, now O'Grady. We just keep missing out.

Anonymous said...

Not being funny but why are we after this journeyman anyway! He has only had one real decent season scoring goals, which was last season.

How many times have Charlton over the years bought a forward who has only had one good goal scoring year, but fail to deliver again when we get hold of them!
I won't even bother to mention them as there have been so many. Its is not as though he is in his younger years, that is probably as good as it gets with O'Grady, hes not going to suddenly become a prolific scorer, every year, as hes never been before that.

Lets go for someone from a maybe a lower league or Scotland, who makes it into double figures every year and hopefully can improve, not a one of one year wonder.