Tuesday, 3 June 2014

O'Grady deal off

It looks as if Charlton are not going to secure the services of Barnsley striker Chris O'Grady. It appears that the two sides in the negotiation have been a long way apart on wages: O'Grady

There are two ways of interpreting that development, and it partly depends on what you think of regime Roland. Either O'Grady is being greedy or we are being mean. Probably the truth is a mixture of both.

Millwall are now said to be interested, but the player's real aim may be to get a berth up north. Blackpool with José?


Anonymous said...

Off? Was it ever on? Or was it a convenient piece of 'news' to put out the same time they announce Bob as manager?

Clearly the Club wouldn't sign a somebody when Duchatelet has dozens of nobodys that can come for nothing. Do we really think this guy is going to spend money? He wants to keep his money circulating.

Look forward to more of Rolys losers. If we are very lucky we might get a few premier league reject kids that can't get a game at their parent club too.

Ken Jennings said...

Oh give it a rest clearly anonymous.

Brian Yates said...

Well said Kevin. It is time to move on, I don't like what is happening anymore than anyone else and one day I hope we will get our club back. I also don't like endless whinging comments from people hiding behind 'anonymous'. You are entitled to your opinions but stop hiding.