Friday, 17 October 2014

Expectations need to be tempered says skipper

The expectations of Charlton fans need to be tempered says Johnnie Jackson in an interview with the Evening Standard. He wants promotion as much as anyone, but you won't hear talk of promotion among the players: Jackson


Anonymous said...

OK This is one where the bloggers do the work.
CAFC at present time, not good enough, Peeters has proved very capable but the midfield's not yet gelled. We've not seen the best of young additions Mousa and Boulet and some (CH GT etc;) others, yet, and the squads not big enough. But the improvement has been great without a massive cost investment in players. The future also looks to be very bright with the contracted talent that's coming through. Assets that are now being managed properly by the club. In short the club is progressing and it is not all being put at risk with a desperate push for promotion. When we get back we will want to stay there, not cheap, the right time to spend. We now seem like a club that might not have to sell all its best young players, which is what Mr. Murry said was positive about the takeover. The only disappointment the fan base for now has shrunk a little due to poor takeover management. Who knows where all that might take us! Hold on, Dream on, CAFC fans have waited a long time to be optimistic. Win or loose enjoy the ride!

Anonymous said...

After today, consider my expectation well and truly tempered.