Monday, 20 October 2014

Peeters for mother ship?

Rioting fans forced the abandonment of Standard Liege's match at the weekend and tried to reach Roland in his box. The club is now just above the relegation zone.

The Belgian press is speculating that Bob Peeters may now be asked to return to the mother ship, but this does not seem like an immediate or very realistic prospect: Bob Peeters

Roland is travelling to England today and is expected to be at tomorrow night's match against Bolton, but this trip has been planned for some time.

Bob Peeters has subsequently ruled out any move to the mother ship: Staying in SE7


jonathan acworth said...

If i was to place a bet on the next manager at leige i would go for peeters -i think it be a straight swap involving the outgoing manager who stays in rd network and peeters.
This is what several seem to think on into the valley as well the axed leige boss is recommended very highly by rd -would he be a good appointment?

Anonymous said...

Is this the ACworth BLOG Now