Thursday 2 October 2014

Up the Football League we go

Following the 1-3 defeat of Wolves by Chris Powell's Huddersfield at Molineux last night, Charlton have moved back into the play off places at 6th.

Even the Sub-Standard gave us a decent write up last night. Bob Peeters revealed that a Norwich newspaper’s prediction that Charlton would get turned over last night provided the motivation for his side to stun the Championship leaders. They had forecast a 3-0 win for the home side. The Addicks coach altered his planned team talk after seeing the article.


Anonymous said...

Up the league you go! Yeh by fucking cheating! You were dropping like flies, and that fat bastard Holt wants a good kicking, if Muscat had been playing he would have got it.
He may think he is clever winding the opposition fans/players up but one of these days somebody will get the twat and finish his career.
Back to your cheating scumbag team, is that the great away match master plan? cheat,cheat, and more cheating to slow the game down.
You certainly are our bogey team, but then again if you bribe the officials enough it shows how to win.
You are certain relegation contenders with a manager who only knows how to manage poor teams.

the cat said...

talk about sour grapes the yellow canary does not even have the nerve but hide behind anonymous.

The Cat north upper Valley Floyd Road

Anonymous said...

I'm uncertain whether the first posting is from a Wolves fan or a Norwich fan. I'm sure that it must be the former, as I've never met a Norwich fan who was anything other than friendly and sociable.

Malcolm T.A. said...

I think the fan who wrote the first article must have eaten the wrong bird seed this morning.

Sciurus Carolinensis Nemesis said...

someone definitely nicked poor poster 1's rice krispies this morning
rage issues, jealousy and ever worsening hypertension I'll warrant
poor kid
and such filthy language too

Geoff said...

We should sympathise with him/her. First of all there's the hangover, and then the fact that Holt and Vetokele are practically indistinguishable, so mistaking Hudds for Charlton is totally forgivable.

Kentish Man said...

Having read the first post all I can say is: come back Mr Acworth, all is forgiven.

Anonymous said...

Strangely I think poster one is a Wolves fan complaining about Huddersfield. Obviously thought Wyn's comment about the win at Molyneux made this a Terriers blog! Huddersfield have an amazingly good recent record against Wolves...
Fegato Addick

Anonymous said...

It doesn't seem to be much of a game with some these young midlands lads. One recent poster from Hull similar.
A bit of kickball sounds like the only thing that these sad unhappy individuals have in their lives.
Burst the bubble and out come the hatred emotions.
Didn't yer dad tell you, it's only a game lad. Just grow some son.
Bribe refs yeah right, what planet you on?