Monday, 31 August 2015

Any last minute signings?

Richard Cawley of the SLP thinks that Charlton are not primed for any transfer day signings, although he is not ruling it out.

The departure of Bikey and Nego, and the Harriott loan, do not amount to big savings on the wages front and the word is that the club is already a little over budget. It is likely that any strengthening will come through loan signings.

Because Jermaine Pennant is a free agent, he could be signed after the transfer window closes and this still seems quite likely.

The Sparrows Lane tea lady has claimed that two players are coming in tomorrow, but her reading of the tea leaves has been less reliable recently.

I took the granddaughters away over the bank holiday weekend and a very unpleasant sight was of a Glazier in Swanage, proudly wearing his shirt out of which his beer gut protruded.

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