Monday, 31 August 2015

On Your Bikey

Andre Bikey has had his contract at Charlton terminated by mutual consent. He impressed initially, but then fell out of favour.

Loic Nego has left to join a Hungarian club. He never impressed and was a network error.


Boneyboy said...

Its fortunate that the wet weather today in SE7 has kept down the number of people protesting against the sale of Loic Nego. At 10.30 pm I would describe the streets as tense but under control.

Seriously, I feel sorry for Loic Nego, a young player of some talent whose career has been disrupted by being parachuted into Charlton when RD took contol of the club. I think that whoever was advising RD at the time didn't understand the standard required in the Championship.

Bikey was a better player for us when playing for Bob Peters and I felt that he did well for us. I'm not enough of a football technician to understand why he fell out of favour when Luzon took over. Unfortunately, one of the consequences of Peters' choice of Bikey at CB was that Morrison departed to Birmingham. I don't know the know the finances, but we have subsequently had to buy Saar and Bauer. I think Charlton would have been stronger with Morrison on the squad. Perhaps this illustrates the consequences of changing coaches/managers too frequently

Wyn Grant said...

Good points. Bikey was in some trouble over his supposedly negative effect on the dressing room. He also made a couple of defensive howlers, but other players have done that and been forgiven.