Tuesday, 4 August 2015

Season ticket problems

It is evident that quite a few fans have not received their season ticket cards. In some cases, cards have been issued in the name of relatives who no longer hold season tickets. It has been difficult to get anyone to answer the phone, but one Addick did get through and was told that the last ones were sent out on Friday. Fans are advised to wait until Wednesday after which they will start issuing duplicates.

The problem is that it is late in the day to be doing this. If the season tickets had gone out around their usual time, there would have been more opportunity to sort out any problems.

Apparently the scanning system experienced a temporary break down before the West Ham match and there must be concern about a repetition on Saturday. One source of possible trouble that can be spotted in the 'How to enter the stadium' guide is the instruction 'Please make sure you do not enter the turnstile entrance until the person in front of you is in the stadium and the wait screen disappears.'




MrLemon_CAFC said...

Let's hope it's not like the Terminal 5 go-live - at least there's no luggage involved