Sunday 2 August 2015

Meanwhile in Ramsgate ....

A novel I have just finished reading described Ramsgate as a 'washed out seaside town' with the villain ending up living there to escape detection. However, if you look around, there is quite a lot going on.

92 Valley Road looks like any other pleasant but unexceptional modern house in a suburb of Ramsgate. But attached to the gate is the proud legend ‘Everitt Towers, Der Rickhausen’. By the side of the house, elves and gnomes can be seen scurrying in and out of a ramshackle workshop. A Rickshaw is parked against the door, ready to take packages to the post office.

From inside the workshop can be heard the clatter of hot meal linotype machines and the thump of an ancient printing press. Oaths and curses can be heard emanating from a mysterious individual only identified as ‘Airman Brown’. Yes, another Voice of the Valleyis in production. A tweet informs us that 'a good shift' was put in yesterday and it should be on sale for the first game of the season.

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