Saturday, 1 August 2015

Second favourites for relegation?

I have been away in the Orkney Islands for a few days and have come back to find Charlton named as second favourites for relegation: Relegation

Is there any sound basis for this? I would have been more worried if Cousins and Gudmundsson, both targets for other clubs, had gone. Having said that, I have less of a sense of how the season might go than for a long time. However, I do think that a mid-table position is more likely than either promotion or relegation.

Like all such games, the 2-2 draw at Bolton in the pre-season friendly doesn't tell us much one way or the other.

Some fans are concerned about the lack of Championship experience of the new signings. I think that the distinctiveness of the Championship is sometimes overstated. The game is still played with a spherical ball, there are eleven players, the goals are the same size, as is the pitch (more or less) and the referees are just as inconsistent. Probably a more practical concern is how long it will take the new players to gell.

The football season in the Orkneys is coming to a close with the final of the Parishes Cup soon to be held, Stromness having won through for the first time in many years.

I think that I have a bit of a trek to The Valley, but I noticed an advert in the Orcadian for the Rangers supporters club, referring to the 'usual travel arrangements'. Asking what these might be, I was told that it involved an often storm tossed boat to Aberdeen and then a coach to Glasgow.

Meanwhile, I await the arrival of my season ticket card, accompanied, I am told, by an effusive message from Katrien. Let's hope it works in the turnstiles.


David Gilbert said...

While of course the betting market is formed on the basis of the opinion of the layers, it's money that can change s that. If every Charlton fan who reads this sticks ar tenner on Charlton to win the championship at 50/1 today the odds will quickly tumble.. That would be the justification, not the latest signing or anyone's opinion. Bookmakers do not have hearts, for them money talks.



no chance of that happening.mid table more like.but cant see us near the playoffs either unfortunately