Tuesday, 17 May 2016

Bookies' favourite ruled out

Despite being the bookies' favourite, Serbian network manager Nebojsa Vignevic is not in the frame for the vacant head coach post at Charlton: Not interested

This news has been greeted with understandable scepticism by Charlton fans, but there are other indications that it is the case.

Charlton are also to make an improved bid for Colchester midfielder George Moncur: Moncur

Who is making these recruitment decisions with none of the relevant posts filled? Your guess is as good as mine.


Rob Spriggs said...

It's obvious,he can't get a visa .
Thank Christ 😂

John West said...

Well still no Manager and nearly June, no chief scout, so who is bidding for these players, if at all and all media hype and an Owner refusing to even communicate with the supporters.
OUT THE LOT OF YOU and see apparently Henderson is furious and yes he was the only one speaking after yet another abysmal performance.
Yes some of the so called media teams like Charlton live and the Sunday host show headed by LM should go too