Tuesday, 31 May 2016

Work halted on training ground

SEnine magazine reports, 'Work has been suspended on Charlton's £15m training ground. After a series of blunders including re-laying pitches, collapsing trenches and mis-calculations over the number of pitches they needed, work on CAFC's lavish training HQ has ground to a halt, raising speculation about the Belgian owner's long term commitment to the club . Calls to CAFC's media office by SEnine have gone unanswered for weeks.'

Alongside the new pitch, the training ground project was always the regime's 'Aqueducts' answer to 'What did the Belgians do for us?' question.

VOTV editor Rick Everitt has tweeted that he cannot vouch for the story. However, he is noted in tweets that the club's communications strategy is a shambles and the club has only itself to blame if it stays silent and doesn't respond to media enquiries.


BigPete said...

Surely to respond to media requests the club needs a Communications director?
But that would mean they actually have to recruit and retain some staff....

As far as I remeber, the work on the training ground was halted as soon as relegation was confirmed, so it looks like my worst fears have been surpassed, we may be heading for the conference, but we won't even have the shiny new training HQ.

bigbycycleboy said...

Well the Grand Fleet sets sail on 6th August,high command is in disarray,we have no Admiral at the helm,most of our destroyers are either gone or going,HQ isn't going to be finished according to reports from above,we will have only the cadets to rely on at this rate and no big guns on the horizon,looks like stormy waters ahead unless someone starts shelling out,come on you jolly tars one of you must have 38million pieces of gold to save the day,Ahar.