Thursday, 12 May 2016

Meire accuses fans

Speaking at the Business of Sport conference in London (from the audience), Charlton chief executive Katrien Meire has accused Charlton fans of 'abuse and criminal offences' against her. 'Sometimes fans cross the line,' she said.

She is very upset at fans' aggression towards the club's owners and feels that owners deserve greater protection. Some might think that fans deserve better protection against wayward owners.

It has also been reported on social media that she said 'the fans are mean.' However, 'experts' at the conference said that Charlton was a 'badly run club.'

She considers that there has been a lack of action to deal with fan actions by the game's governing bodies: Extreme abuse

She has also complained about Charlton fans visiting her home in Belgium: Customer protest

After leaving the venue, where tickets reportedly cost £1,500, she was greeted by a couple of Charlton fans: Pavement summit

CAS Trust is considering taking Meire's comments to the Football Association under the rule about bringing the game into disrepute: Unforgiveable comments

Meire appeared to compare Charlton customers to racists.

VOTV editor Rick Everitt reflects on her behaviour, pointing out that there is no effective oversight from the owner: Off agenda

Louis Mendez has tweeted, 'Katrien has been advised not to speak in public because she really can't help herself. Shame she ignored that advice today.'


ExpatCyp said...

KM obviously does not adhere to the old adage "least said....soonest mended". Clearly KM in common with some of her fellow Lawyers is too fond of her own voice and fails to engage her brain before she speaks. All said and done KM is too far up her own Kyber Pass !

Blackheath Addicted said...

If she knew where the line was she would have sacked herself a long time ago. How sad to see her go from on the stage to bleating from the audience. As for criminal offences, we did have our warning from the regime and the police. If she has evidence of crimes I hope she has passed it on and any lawbreakers are punished; if she does not, is this libel?

Essex Addick said...

I really hope our CEO and RD watched the recent sky coverage of West Ham leaving Upton Park. Fans, players, owners all recalling great days with family and friends, their first game and the highs and lows of football. I was impressed with the owners clear vision of how they planned to develop the club, with the supporters very much in mind.

Maybe Charlton customers are not quite as weird and out of step with fellow football fans as our CEO keeps suggesting!

Ps. I hear that the unfortunate coach attack incident was in part started after the fans in the very crowded approach road were forced out of the way and crushed against walls and gardens.

Pete, Basildon

Lungrot said...

She doesn't seem to understand how to run a football club and she doesn't understand football fans. Her confrontational attitude to us as fans is totally wrong and gets her nowhere. Instead of listening to our concerns and talking about how the club is run, she has this attitude that we are wrong, it's Roland's club and our opinions don't count. If she were honest about the decisions made by the regime, we probably still wouldn't like it, but we might have more sympathy with her personally. Instead she just criticises us and then complains when we complain. She's in the wrong business, she's destroying our club and I'm amazed that she still hasn't resigned or been sacked.