Sunday, 1 May 2016

Football League warn Charlton of 'dire consequences'

The Sunday Mirror reports that 'The Football League have warned Charlton of dire consequences if the climax to their season is ruined by a planned fan protest next Saturday.' They fear that any delay could compromise the competition with the title race finely balanced.

They are concerned about a repeat of the final day protest at Blackpool 12 months ago when 2,000 fans staged a protest against owner Karl Oyston. The game was abandoned, although this had no bearing on promotion and relegation issues.

A source told the Mirror, 'The league are very worried. This will be on television and could be one of the deciding games for the whole season. The last thing they want is major disruption - as it stands, there is a real chance of that happening.'

Customer dissatisfaction continues to run at a high level at Charlton and some fans have responded that the Football League would be better off protecting fans from dire owners.


mike1947 said...

Surely other teams deserve some respect. This is not just about us but affects promotion outcomes. I'm surprised we haven't already been fined; this is not the game to disrupt.

bigbycycleboy said...

I agree we shouldn't disrupt Burnley,we disrupted Boro,we disrupted Brighton,you have to admit it would be fairer to disrupt Burnley if only to see who the beachball champions are,my money is on Brighton

Robin Reliant said...

Dire consequences? What could be worse than where we are now?

Luv Robin

Michael Barry said...

What could be worse Robin.
A significant points deduction (e.g. 6-10 points) before we even start next; season no matter who the owners are.
If we cannot make a strong early effort to get back to the Championship, the consequences could be dire, whoever owns the club. Who that might be nobody knows, but a 10 point deduction would be diabolical start for a Varney, Elliot (or any other takeover, if it ever happens)t a points deduction would be really bad news, might even put off any potential new owners.