Saturday, 7 May 2016

The final curtain - for Riga as well

Today was the last match as season ticket holders for many Addicks fans who have vowed not to renew until the regime goes. I suspect that they will have a long wait.

Charlton were defeated 0-3 at The Valley today by champions Burnley to finish third from bottom in the Championship. Once again the match was overshadowed by customer protests.

As for the match, Charlton started well enough, but then fell to a sucker punch after 20 minutes. They pressed hard in the remainder of the half, creating a number of chances and putting in several shots on target, Gudmundsson being prominent, but they were all straight at the keeper.

The Addicks made a lacklustre start to the second half and defensive errors gave Burnley two goals in quick succession. That was pretty much game over. After Gudmundsson was fouled and taken off, he received warm applause from the crowd in appreciation of his efforts. This was the last time we would see him in a Charlton shirt.

As for the protests, like all fans, I was frisked and had my bag searched before entering the ground. Netting had been placed along the whole length of the covered end, not something you see in the average supermarket to deal with dissatisfied customers. In the first five minutes of the game paper aeroplanes and screwed up leaflets with one or two toilet rolls were thrown on the pitch.

Towards the end of the half, a home made banner with the word 'Liar' and an arrow pointing downwards was moved along the front of the upper west above where Katrien Meire was sitting. It was eventually removed by a jobsworth.

After the third goal went in, flares were thrown on the pitch and the game was temporarily halted. A dissatisfied customer got on to the pitch and evaded efforts to capture him for some time.

The referee blew up with no time added on and Clarets fans swarmed on to the pitch to congratulate their players. It all kicked off at the intersection of the East Stand and the Covered End as Charlton fans tried to join them. Eventually large numbers got on and congregated in front of the West Stand expressing their dissatisfaction.

According to an ex-director he and other ex-directors were forcibly ejected from the directors' box after the game. It has also been reported that the valued amenity of the fan sofa was damaged beyond repair.

José Riga resigned after the match. He said, "It's not necessarily about going down to League One - and I am not a liar. I have taken this decision a few days ago. Even before that it was down to what I saw and could feel. Everybody can recognise my investment in Charlton the first time I was here and this time."

A powerful report on the day's events has been written here by Paul Breen: The Big Smirk

A ten minute video of the protests here: Angry customers

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get fox off our wage bill his decision making today very suspect ...cancel the shites contract asap