Friday, 27 May 2016

Roland buys back club

Roland Duchatelet is buying back Belgian club Sint Truiden, apparently desperate to own a club on his home turf: Buy back

Roland said in a press conference that a foreign buyer would not have been as good as they would lack knowledge of Belgian competition and mentality. Quite.

Disrespectful fans have suggested that there is an ideal candidate for the post of chief executive.


ExpatCyp said...

Nightmeire's appointment as CEO of St Truiden would very respectfully welcomed as a homecoming !

BigPete said...

I suspect RD himself might actually attend STVV games. but it may also be a face saving measure to transfer KM out of CAFC.
RD already had financial controll over STVV as he owns the stadium, but making it official means he has the same power as the rest of the clubs. Any STVV players not making the grade for the begium pro league will probably be shipped accross the channel to fail in League 1.