Thursday, 12 March 2020

Club issues new statement

Charlton Athletic has issued a new statement reaffirming their support for Matt Southall as chairman: Statement

As far as one can judge from social media polls, this confidence is not shared by the majority of fans. Moreover, Louis Mendez has tweeted:' Who “the board” even refers to now is up for debate but I know that Southall doesn’t have the backing of the majority of staff within the club.'

Perhaps the one interesting point in the statement is that the club is seeking legal advice on further sanctions that may be applied to Charlton by the EFL. These could include a points deduction.

It should be noted that 65 per cent of the shares in Charlton Athletic Holdings belong to a company controlled by Tahnoon Nimer. These are A shares and the remaining 35 per cent of shares are B shares, although at first glance the rights of the two classes of shareholder do not appear to differ significantly.

Richard Cawley has tweeted: 'To be clear, Lee Bowyer isn't going anywhere. Made it clear that had approaches this season and opted to stay. He won't be walking away.'

Lee Bowyer is concerned about staff not getting paid in the future and thinks that EFL regulations have to change: How can it be right?

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