Thursday, 12 March 2020

Mr Robin has left the building

It is being reported that a senior Charlton employee received an instruction to remove Matt Southall. The latter responded by calling the police. Southall has since left The Valley.

Southall made no comment as he left. His present status is unclear.

An eye witness account reveals: 'Legal papers were served suspending Southall, Heller and McHugh. Of course they didn't go quietly and MS told Olly Groome, Tracy Leaburn and Mick Everett they were fired.

They are NOT fired. They were acting on the express wishes of Tahnoon and as MS et al are all now suspended the "sackings" are meaningless.

McHugh called the police saying there were trespassers. [Another account says that the police that arrived knew Everett from match days]. After trying to dodge the bullet for 2+ hours police finally got the now suspended directors to leave. Doors locked, passwords changed. Legal process to remove them completely now commences.'

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