Tuesday, 3 March 2020

You can read Boro result how you like

A last minute goal by Nottingham Forest secured a 2-2 draw at Middlesbrough last night. This left Charlton one point above the drop zone, although on the same number of points as Stoke.

Unfortunately, the 4-0 defeat at Huddersfield eroded a favourable goal difference compared to other relegation league clubs. We remain above Stoke in 20th because our goal difference is -9 against -10.

Pessimists interpreted the result as another condemnation of our January transfer strategy (for which there may not have been any money). Always looking on the bright side of life, some of the many Charlton doomers pointed out the last time we beat Sunderland in a play off final, we came down the following season.

I think this is just superstition, like so many things in football where rationality seems to go out of the window (which is perhaps one of the things people like about it). There are so many variables that it is difficult to forecast the outcome. For example, will Hull keep dropping like the Titanic?

Unlike some times in the Curbishley era when we seemed often to do better away, our home form is marginally better in the sense that we have won more games than we have lost, or to put it another way, we have been defeated in a third of all games. Away from home, we have lost in 61 per cent of all league games played. Although the role of the crowd as 12th man can be overstated, it can make a difference in tight matches.

Unfortunately for Saturday's game against Middlesbrough there are no trains to or from Charlton. One wonders what thinking, if any, goes on at the operator. They have also dropped the post game football special to London Bridge which means there can be a long wait to get on a London bound train.

Whether corona virus concerns will affect attendance on Saturday remains to be seen. There are plans in place for matches to be played behind closed doors in which case one would presumably be able to watch on Valley Pass (or any other means you can find). Match day revenues would be lost. In that eventuality season ticket holders should be allow to watch free on Valley Pass.

CAS Trust has issued a clarion call against negative thinking: Now is the time for unity

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