Tuesday, 10 March 2020

Confusion reigns with club under transfer embargo

Tahnoon Nimer has published a long statement on his Instagram account saying he has not resigned from the Charlton board as stated by the club.

He has retained his own legal counsel so the matter may have to be resolved in the courts which may take some time, time we do not really have if we are to survive.

Nimer, whose company is the majority shareholder, wants to remove Southall and says that the club is under a transfer embargo: Wants Southall out

The EFL have made it clear privately that they cannot prevent a club changing hands, but they can impose sanctions, including a transfer embargo.

Richard Cawley of the SLP has stated, 'I've seen a letter from before all this properly blew up where he states he wants Claudiu Floricato (Florica?) be the new chief executive officer responsible for running the football club.' He is a somewhat controversial Romanian businessman who has been associated with Dinamo Bucharest which many have thought is the new mother ship.

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