Friday, 20 March 2020

Romanians join board

Richard Cawley of the SLP reports that the two additions made by Tahnoon Nimer to the Charlton Athletic board are Claudiu Florica, of whom we have heard much already, and Marian Mihail, whom I'm told is a Romanian lawyer.

This would seem to imply a closer relationship with Dinamo Bucharest in future.

Without casting any aspersions on these gentlemen, whom I am sure represent the highest standards of integrity and good business practice, I was involved in an EU mission to Romania in the years following the overthrow of the Communist regime. It did seem to me that corrupt practices were widespread, indeed I was invited to engage in corruption myself.

The club have announced that Matt Southall and Jonathan Heller have been removed from the board: Valete

Richard Cawley has tweeted: 'Baffling statement from Nimer. So a priority is to get the transfer embargo lifted - even though season suspended - and no mention of providing documentation needed for EFL approval?? And you can’t sort that anyway without proving source and sufficiency of funding.'

The two Romanians are to meet with heads of departments this morning.

Charlton staff have been told that a chief executive will be appointed. Former Barnsley CEO Gauthier Ganaye has been linked with a role there. When appointed at Barnsley he was the youngest chief executive in football at the age of 30: Gauthier Ganaye

Meanwhile some of the club's ex-directors are ready to take out an injunction to force control back to Richard Duchatelet: Ready to ramp up legal proceedings

Richard Cawley has further commented, 'The EFL definitely take some heat on this too. How can you have people passing the owners’ and directors’ test but not proving source and sufficiency of funding? All three obstacles should need to be cleared before you can get your hands on a football club.'

Cawley asks, 'I know people will mention that lifting the transfer embargo means getting EFL approval - but there is no mention of where Nimer is at in terms of that process. Has he submitted the necessary documentation or not?'

The SLP journalist makes a pertinent point when he says, 'Nimer has said previously that Matt Southall had not passed on documentation to the EFL. Even if that is so - and I can't prove one way or the other - that paperwork is surely good to go? There shouldn't need to be a delay.'

Rick Everitt has tweeted: 'In the light of recent events, not entirely reassured by idea of EFL making future funding available to Charlton as a loan. Have the latest directors passed the owners’ and directors’ test? Has source and sufficiency of funds been verified to EFL satisfaction?'

Louis Mendez has commented: 'In the space of 10 days, both sides have announced the other’s departure on the club website. That goes some way to explaining the farce of it all.'

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