Monday, 13 July 2020

Are people trying to disrupt our camp?

Lee Bowyer is not happy about a national newspaper report that Charlton want just £750,000 compensation for him.  Given that one of the clubs reported to be interested in him is Birmingham City who play Charlton in a relegation clash on Wednesday night, the smarting supremo is concerned that someone is trying to disrupt his camp:

VOTV editor Rick Everitt has contributed from his Ramsgate fastness.  Somewhat sardonically he asks 'Who would be putting out such a detail? Surely not Elliott/Farnell/El Kashashy as they are not EFL approved owners and cannot make decisions on CAFC's behalf.'   Of course, as the Rickster well knows, no one is in charge at The Valley and they could be briefing against each other.  Equally, it could be some journo in Birmingham stirring the pot.

Richard Cawley has reported that the EFL are aware of the weekend developments at Companies House and will be making a statement.

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